Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Family Fun

We celebrated Ethan's 6th B-day Thu. Aug. 15 with all the decorations, balloons, and of course an ice cream cake.  He must have had about 10 balloons taped to him.  Its always nice that Ethan is here on vacation during his B-day so we can all celebrate with him.

On Fri we fed the kids and gave them baths early, put them in their pjs and went to East Austin for our trailer fest.  Betsy and I along with the kids stayed in our cars while Steve and Scott went into Eastside Kings and ordered food.  I've always wanted to try Paul Qui's trailer and I thought our food was pretty good.  Then we were off to Gourdough's doughnuts.  Joshua fell asleep before we got to Eastside Kings but Noah didn't fall asleep till Gourdough's.

On Sat., we took the kids to Mayfield Park with the peacocks.  Then we headed to Ms. P's Electric Cock (fried chicken)  and then Coolhaus for ice cream sandwiches.  We were all pretty tired by the time we got home.
We went to church Sun. morning and that afternoon Steve, Joshua, Scott, Ethan, and Mia went to see Planes the movie.  It was Joshua's first movie in a theater.  Betsy and Eva came over as Noah and I got dinner ready for the family.  Mom and Dad joined us that evening for BBQ, all the sides, and apple pie.

Steve and I took off work Mon and Tue and we all headed to Hamilton Pool in Dripping Springs.  I've always heard this a must see in the Austin area and now I know why.  It was a 50 minute drive but well worth it.  You'll see the pic below.  Noble Pig sandwiches for lunch.

On Tue we went to Portrait Innovations for pics and then headed to Bull Creek Park where we met Abby.  From there we hiked up the cliff overlooking the Pennybacker Bridge where Steve got interviewed about whether there should be a guard rail since a guy fell off the cliff that morning.  We were on the 5:00 KXAN news.  We then headed to Waterloo for lunch and of course, Gourdough's ( the restaurant) for doughnuts.

On Thu. we celebrated my birthday with Pei Wei and what else - ice cream cake (toffee.)  Pretty delicious.

I feel like this year we were able to get out and see Austin and spend quality time with everyone.  We had lots of laughs, good conversation, and good food.  Joshua and Noah still say Ethan, Mia, and Eva's name all the time and I really think they got to know their cousins in these past 2 weeks.   
Enjoy the pics!!

                                                   Mayfield Park

                                             Hamilton Pool

                                            Bull Creek Park

                                    Hike up the cliff
                                   Overlooking the Bridge
                                  Steve's 10 seconds of fame


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