Monday, July 9, 2012

My two sweet boys

It's been almost a month since I've written on this blog.  I'm amazed at how fast time is flying by.  Every day I think of how this time in our lives has to be the best time and how I really try to thoroughly enjoy every second of every day.  I feel so blessed to have a 2 year old that is so fun to be around -athletic, musically inclined, funny, mischievious, loving, and affectionate.  And at the same time we also have an almost 6 month old that is happy, sweet, and an absolute joy to be around.

Noah rolled over for the first time on June 8 (one week before he turned 5 months)  Since then, he's been rolling from one end of the room to the other.  He loves to pat my face while he drinks milk and he's always grabbing my nose or trying to pinch me by grasping with his little hand.  He definitely grabs at toys or teethers much more than Joshua did at his age.  He loves to "talk" by saying "Ohhhhh" for as long as his breath will last.  He is very ticklish and laughs when you kiss his stomach or his neck.  He laughs when Joshua is playing with him or trying to kiss him.  Just like Joshua, he loves to play peek a boo in the mirror.  He loves looking at his reflection, but not as much as Joshua. :)    We used to give him a bath on our bathroom counter but he splashes so much that this week we put his little tub in the garden tub and give him a bath in there.  He drinks about 5 oz every 3 hours and I just switched him to a fast nipple.  He also just started getting rice cereal twice a day today.  I only started the rice cereal about a week ago.  With Joshua, I started at 4 months. 

Joshua got a Tball set this weekend and has already mastered how to hit the ball with the bat.  I do think he is going to be a pretty good athlete since his coordination and motor skills surpass most in his age group.  When we are in town on the weekend, Steve usually takes Joshua to the library and the bounce house which he loves.  On July 4, we both had the day off and we all went to the splash pad and he loved all the fountains and the slide.  We also got to watch some fireworks that our neighbors were doing and Joshua got to hold a sparkler for the first time.  He was mesmerized by all the different colors that were shooting out of it. 
Here are some pics:
                                                                     5 months

                                                                              Father's Day

                                                                Kavi and Subin's wedding 6/23

                                                                            July 4

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