Wednesday, October 19, 2011

We went to Joshua's 18 month appt last week and found out he had not even gained a pound since his 15 month appt.  So now he weighs 21 pounds and 8 oz. and is now 31 inches.  One skinny little boy!   He is so active at this time - running away from us every morning when its time to brush teeth or change his diaper.  He thinks its so funny to have us chase him around.  Still walking and running on his toes, which of course drives me crazy but I have put off calling a ped. PT :)

He is adding to his vocabulary everyday.  New words include oopas (toothpaste), ope (soap), bapple (waffle), bacuum (vacuum), bocooli (brocolli), outside, booby (blueberry), dark, apple, juice, chicken, book.  He constantly says Mommy and Daddy and is always asking for the one that's not present.  He can even say Ammy (Ammachi) and Appacha. 

I have been so late with this post that we've now come to his 19 mo. b-day!  He is still adding to his vocabulary.  Now he can say monkey, airplane, bapack (backpack), Grandpa, school bus.  I still think he's one of the smartest kids around!

I keep thinking he's going to stop running and walking on his toes but I think I'm going to have to swallow my pride and schedule an appt. with a pediatric PT. 

We still have problems with Joshua throwing his food at mealtime when he doesn't want it or gets bored with it.  We have tried sternly scolding him, popping his hand, and  now we are turning his chair to face the wall everytime he throws.  We'll see if that works!

He still prefers his milk from a bottle though we tried many times to give it to him in a sippy cup.  He just stops drinking milk if its not offered in a bottle.  At least he drinks water and juice out of a sippy cup.  Oh well, I just want him to get his calcium and Vit. D so I just gave up somewhat on that.

He's still a very loving and affectionate boy.  He loves to get kisses and hugs from us and he likes it when Daddy wrestles with him.  He likes to run back and forth on the couch and still loves us to read his Bible Book.  We also read Goodnight Seattle every night before bed and he just recently started watching baby shows like Brainy Baby and Baby Einstein.

Joshua's little brother is getting bigger every day - I'm now 26 weeks pregnant and the baby should weigh about 2 pounds.  I definitely feel heavier and I just started wearing the belly band to work.  I have to eat small meals or I feel like I'm going to bust.  I have gained 19 pounds now and have about 3 months left to go!!

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