Monday, June 10, 2013

Fun times

I thought I'd post some pics of the past couple of weeks.  The week after Noah's dedication Trisha and I went to New Orleans for Jessica's wedding.  It was a short but very fun weekend.  We went to Acme Oyster Bar for lunch where I had chargrilled oysters for the first time and then we walked around the French Quarter.  Jessica's wedding was that evening (Fri May 17) at Rosy's Jazz Hall and it was a blast.  Beautiful wedding with great food, drinks and a jazz band.  The next day we met Gloria and her son at Café Du Monde and then took a streetcar down the Garden District.  We ate lunch at Café Palace on Canal where I had the best bananas foster.  Then we went on a foot tour of the French Quarter and that evening we ate dinner at GW Fins.  We left the next morning at 5:45 to catch our flight.
BTW, it was the first time I had left both Joshua and Noah behind without Steve.  It was easier than I thought it would be but I was ready to see them by Sunday.
The very next weekend we went to Dallas for Julie's baby shower that Mom and I organized at the house.  Some of Julie's close friends and her mom flew in from Chicago.  I can't believe I didn't take one picture but I will get some to post.  Mom made a nice diaper cake and the banana cake was tasty!  Julie looked great and is now about 5 weeks away!  Baby Christian will be here soon!

On Sunday we took Joshua to the World Aquarium and he loved seeing all the different animals.  Can't believe Steve and I had one of our first dates here and 9 years later we're taking one of our sons.  We also had a great lunch at Babe's Chicken House in Frisco - such good chicken fried steak and catfish.  In the afternoon, we went to see baby Zachary and Makayla.  He was such a good baby sleeping in my arms the whole time. 
We went back to Austin Sunday night and Steve and I both had Memorial Day off.  We took the boys to the Quarry Splash Park in the morning and they had a freezing good time!  It was overcast and they both shivered the whole time with Noah laughing most of the time and Joshua being very careful which fountains to get close to.  We lasted about an hour!

The next weekend we went to Ben's graduation at Brentwood.  We were able to see Ben walk on stage and celebrate with him at the reception afterwards where Joshua and Noah ate lots of cake and cookies.  So proud of Ben!  He'll be attending Texas Tech in the fall!
The next day we went to the Chandy house for the graduation party.  Lots of people there to celebrate with Ben.  And of course the food was plentiful - Uncle's BBQ and all the sides.

                                                 Jessica's wedding

                                                Splash Park
                                                     Post haircut
                                                  Dallas World Aquarium