Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back to the grind

I returned to work this past week after spending 3 glorious months on maternity leave with my boys.  It was quite an adjustment getting used to waking up at 6 am and getting the boys ready by 7:30.  I am very thankful for Mom and Dad who pick them up in the morning so I can get to work around 8:10.  Steve started his new job at Charfen 2 weeks ago and because its 45 min away he's usually out the door by 7.  Its funny how I know exactly what time I need to do each task in the morning to get everything done by 7:30.  I didn't cry all week though I cried the Sunday before all day.  I carry around a pic of Noah since everyone I run across asks for it.

Steve and I have decided that dinner will be easy meals that I can cook ahead of time with lots of leftovers.  By the time we get home its 5:45 and I start dinner for Joshua by 6:30.  Our goal is to get Joshua into bed by 8:15 since he has to wake up by 7.   He still cries periodically at night but we haven't got him from the crib in a couple of weeks.  Noah occassionally needs a pacifier once to twice a night but that's easy since he still sleeps in the bassinett beside our bed.  I have definitely been spoiled by not having to physically get out of the bed.

We went to early church at 9:15 and we went to the mall around 2:30 and then went to small group at 4:30.  So we had a pretty productive day for a Sunday.  I am going to look forward to relaxing weekends where we do absolutely nothing.

On Fri. Apr. 13 we all went to the opening game of the Round Rock Express.  Joshua loved the baseball game and he would have stayed out there way past his bedtime if he could have but we ended up leaving around 8:45.  The next day Steve took him to the Cedar Park Heritage Festival.

Here are some pics:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter weekend!

Joshua and Noah had a great Easter weekend complete with an Easter egg hunt and petting zoo on Saturday and of course, church on Sunday.  Joshua had a blast at the egg hunt since he had gone to one on Friday that was organized by some girls at our church.  We had also practiced in the living room at home :)  So by Saturday he was an expert! 

Here are some pics :

 Riverbend Church

Easter Day after church


Friday, April 6, 2012

Noah is getting bigger!

I can't believe how time is just flying by!  We had Noah's 2 month appt on Mar. 28 and he weighed 11 lbs 11 oz (25-50%) with his height at 22 1/4 in. (10%).   He did so well at his appt with just a tiny cry after his 2 shots.  He didn't even need his pacifier! 

Noah has been such an easy baby and we are so blessed to have him and Joshua in our lives.  Noah has been sleeping through the night since he was 7 weeks old and with the exception of a few nights he sleeps in his bassinet without a peep.  Joshua has also stayed in his crib for the past 2 weeks since we are letting him cry.  He cries maybe once a night for about 10 minutes.  Its amazing that we are actually getting sleep.  Who would have thought?

Noah's reflux is under control and he doesn't have gas or spit up which is great since we dealt with Joshua's for 9 months.  Noah loves to smile and talk by saying "Oh" and he loves music like Joshua.
He is happy as long as you face him outwards so he can watch the world go by.  He loves when you play with him and wave all his little rattles and musical instruments.

Here are some pics: