Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's been 4 weeks since I gave birth to our little Noah.  He had his first smile one week in while I was burping him and he was in his "milk coma." Since then, I look forward to seeing his smiles after he has milk and is half asleep.  I've even seen him chuckle a couple of times. 

He still sleeps most of the day and I have been trying my best to keep him up more during the day.  He is pretty stubborn though and even a wet washcloth won't sway him to stay awake.

I completely forgot how little sleep you get with a newborn.  Every three hour feedings with burp time, change time, and holding time to prevent spit-up turns into around 2 hours of sleep at a time.  Its amazing how God helps you forget all that as your kids get older. 
He is still wearing Newborn diapers and is still in Newborn clothes, though today I put him in 3 month clothes and he somewhat fits in them.  Its funny how you think you won't need that many of those tiny diapers but then Joshua and now Noah will need them for over a month. 

I had my first outing with just Noah and I last Fri for the MOPS meeting.  He did great - I was able to stay for the entire 3 hour meeting.  I did cheat by giving him the pacifier when he started to cry.  Funny how you say you won't use a pacifier on the 2nd child and how easily that goes out the window :)

Steve has already given our little Noah a "haircut" at 2 weeks old.  He had so much hair that it started to cover his ears. 

We took both Joshua and Noah to Sears to take pictures on Fri and that was a disaster.  Joshua who was dressed so cute wouldn't take any pictures after he heard the pop noise of the flash.  He would try to run out of the room each time we asked him to stand or sit next to Noah.  At least we got some newborn pics of Noah.

For Valentine's Day, I received my customary chocolate covered strawberries (I've already finished half the box) and I had Joshua give Daddy a card from him and Noah and a box of chocolates.  Joshua also "made" a card for Grandma and Grandpa.

3 days old

6 days old
11 days old

18 days old

LOVE my boys!  (2/8/12)